25 Ekim 2008 Cumartesi

Blogger is Banned in Turkey!

If you reached this blog with normal ways, and you don’t see any warning, then you are not from Turkey. You may be from anywhere on earth except Turkey. Because in Turkey, we cannot reach Blogger with normal ways. If we try it, we see the warning on the link below. For the ones who don’t know Turkish, I’ll try to explain it now. As I said shortly before, a warning is appeared on the mainpage when you try to reach Blogger in Turkey. This warning says “Access to this website has been suspended by court order”... As you know, even YouTube is out of reach in our country. Blogger just became the second curtain of this foolish drama. I began to ask myself “What kind of country I’m living in?” On the other hand, the funnier thing is that we don’t have any explanation about the situation. Perhaps we should call it “cover” instead of “explanation”. Now, I am afraid that Google is next in the queue of prohibition.


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